Saturday, April 5, 2008

All geared up for the ride to
Baker City -- at 28 degrees!


Anonymous said...

Cooper just reviewed every single photo and says-
"nice work".
Also, Coop wants to know if Gus lost any weight.
We were all happy to see your postings- we were getting worried about sausage-fingered guys running you over!
Jack likes the action photos in particular.
The fossil beds look amazing- I'm jealous as I've been wanting to go there for a couple of years.
Hope the day is wonderful and you arrive in Walla Walla safe and sound. T,J,C&J

Anonymous said...

Did you make the 60 mile ride? Come's April 8th and you've left us all hanging!

It has been fascinating reading about each day and looking at the pictures. Part of me is jealous and wishes my family were out there riding, too, and part of me is very glad we aren't!