Saturday, October 11, 2008

Another Newspaper Story

Hello Friends!

It seems like forever since we returned from our adventure, when truly it has only been seven weeks. Believe it or not, we just received my tandem back from Maine yesterday. Alison's arrived a couple of weeks ago. We have been so busy that I haven't had a chance to put the bikes back together. But that will happen this weekend.

For some reason, our story continues to resonate with people. I was interviewed by the TriCity Herald last week and the story appeared on Monday (Oct. 6th). To read the story click here.

As I spoke with the reporter I had a feeling of longing to get back on the bike. The sounds, sites, smells, and tastes of the road came back to me as we talked. She asked great questions and truly seemed interested in our trip. She was most impressed with the kids (as is common) and with Alison (as is also common). I guess I was just along for the ride!

I am still working on the book, although very slowly. I am still ruminating over the trip and what it all meant. The journals are sitting next to the computer as I type this. I hope to get an outline before the new year arrives.

Thanks again to all of our friends, new and old, who followed us and continue to check in to our blog. We appreciate all of you!



wombat064 said...

DAGS (Dan, Alison, Gus and Sonia's) Bicycle Tours.

You'll be back on the bikes and have something great to pass onto the kids.

Even if you start with weekend or occasional week trips.

Great to hear from you again , hope all is well

Anonymous said...

I am so pleased that the Tri Cities did a story on you. It was a great one too. I am also happy to hear that you are working on a book! That is great, Dan. I look forward to reading it and I hope you got that bike put together and could ride a bit this weekend. Welcome back. Chandra

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update Dan, I always enjoy your commentaries, you have a way with words, and speaking of words, please do write the book, and tell us where to get it...

Take care,
Rick in Grand Forks, ND

P.S. where should I send the rest of the pictures I took as you passed through?

Dan said...


Thanks for the note. If you want to email me the photos you can send them to nx9c at

I am working on the book, slowly but surely! I'll make a post when it is finally done (but it will still be a while!).


wombat064 said...

Dan, hurry up and finish that book please.

How are you all ?