Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Around Lower 48 in One Year

Mother's Day Weekend:
We were delighted to host a Warm Showers guest: Josh Cunningham from Beatrice, Nebraska who is on state 21 of 48 and month 9 of 12! Josh's mom, Naomi and her students at Paddock Lane Elementary have been following him on their Wall of Fame. We fed Josh well, let him get some rest and even went to see the Walla Walla High School performance of the Wizard of Oz, complete with flying witches and monkeys! We never tire of meeting amazing people who are seeing the world one two-wheeled mile at a time. Now it's the four us who have "the look"--that longing for the freedom to pick up and go exploring. May all the long-distance bicyclists be safe and dry tonight.
~Alison and family


Josh Cunningham said...

Hey guys. Just wanted to day thanks again. Been reading your blog some. Made it to Missoula and for a break today did a 30 mile, 30 rider, 3 brewery tour today. Went to big sky, kettle house, and bayern - the three breweries based here. Had a blast and it was great to ride without gear. Thought about how much you wouldve loved this, dan.

Grzech Galaktyta said...

Radosnego życia życzy Tobie z Warszawy, Grzegorz.