Friday, March 7, 2008

Different Riders -- Different Perspectives

The weather here has really been cooperative...but we may have a rude awakening when we ride across Oregon in a couple of weeks. We all went on another 25 mile ride last weekend. Gus and Sonia split their time between the tandem and Sonia's Trek, while Dan captained the tandem and Alison rode her Rans V-Rex. Other than some wind, we had a great ride.

You really get a different perspective on the personalities of your kids when they are just a few inches behind you mile after mile. Gus likes to crank hard in explosive bursts. Sonia is a steady peddler. Both certainly add to the speed and power of the bike. And both have very different perspectives of the ride. Sonia notices a lot of what is around us as we ride. Gus likes to talk about totally ride-unrelated stories. Both don't seem to mind telling the captain to ride faster or pass the other bike! I need to get a shirt with the phrase "shut up and pedal" on the back so I can just say "read the shirt"!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm so proud you guys are really accomplishing the task. My heart is with careful and have fun. I hope the weather is cooperating better now than at the beginning of the trip. Do you have saddle sores yet? Love, Terri