Friday, March 7, 2008

Fortune Cookie Adventures

On a recent visit to a local Chinese restaurant, Sonia received a very interesting fortune inside her post-meal cookie. It read:

"Next summer you will dance to a different beat."

Dan's read:

"Your life becomes more and more of an adventure."

When I was in college, we would always append "in bed" to the end of every fortune cookie saying. Now, we are going to add "on the bike" to all of our fortunes!


The more we get ready for the trip, the more we realize that organization might be almost as important as training...almost! The key is to have good lists -- and to not lose them! We have a bike list, a bike rack list, a gear list (one for each of us), a packing list, and a list list (to make sure we haven't forgotten any lists!). Hopefully our planning will pay off when we are in the middle of North Dakota and need that one specialized tool for that one specific mechanical event.

Alison's Bike

We pick up Alison's bike, the Rans Screamer, from Coventry Cycle Works in Portland on Sunday, March 9th. Luckily it came in early so Alison and the kids can get some test rides in before our trip across Oregon. We leave on Saturday, March 29th and return to Walla Walla on Sunday, April 6th. That next day of work and school is going to be interesting!

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