Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ten Days Till Liftoff

The countdown begins. If there was ever a time to lose our nerve, this would be it. We have a large mound of gear in the family room. Every time we look at the maps over the Rockies, we go downstairs and pull more gear out of the pile. Last weekend we had a nice ride 30 miles up to Dayton, camped overnight, had breakfast at the Country Cupboard, and took a leisurely sunny cruise back to Walla Walla. The only hitch was when I forgot to untie the tent flap before the midnight thunderstorm and directed two gallons of water into our normally watertight tent. I knew when I woke up, flipped my braid out of my face and water slung off it that something was amiss...I can no longer recommend bathing while sleeping as a time-saving maneuver. --Alison

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Anonymous said...

YO. Hi guys! sorry about your tent mishap. Q for mr.calzeretta: how was that hot chocolate??

ps: Im tracking your progress across using the internet!