Thursday, May 29, 2008

Gus Has a Broken Arm

It started innocently enough. Gus and some big boys were playing tackle football on the lawn in front of the drive-in movie theatre screen. Gus fell with the ball and a rather large boy landed on Gus' arm. Result: cracked radius, right forearm. He's in a splint instead of a cast, and should be almost healed in two weeks, which is what we have left before the ride. He's finding that letting kids sign his splint is making him a 4th grade celebrity. Thank goodness it wasn't his tailbone. --Alison


Anonymous said...

ARGH!!! Poor Gus! However, it certainly will make the story more interesting. SH

Anonymous said...

I remember when Alison broke her arm!....She had a much bigger cast!
Good Luck to all of you!