Monday, June 2, 2008

Map of the Route

Here is a map of our route. I've also included our spring break ride across Oregon.

You can zoom in, move the map around, and click on any of the push-pins for the destination and mileage for each day. Man, I LOVE Google Earth!

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Anonymous said...

Good luck! You are all amazing. We will be thinking of you and checking into the blog often. I hope you have nice weather and a safe trip. Think of us when you make it to our old stomping grounds out there in Conway NH and ME! I am very excited for you. Love Chandra and Family

Anonymous said...

Because you have the ability to look back and laugh, you will always be able to look forward to the next curve in the road. Don't be nervous. Enjoy the adventure, have fun and know that you're friends are with you wherever you are.

Scott and Kathie

Yen Dzion said...

We envy your courage. Maybe we can convince you to ride down south to see us in Georgia. Enjoy the sun. Gerldine G. and family

Rob Singleton said...

Just filled up in Mitchell, OR after pulling off the NF of the John Day over the three days of Memorial weekend. Hadn't realized you guys had cruised right through there. Hopefully you enjoyed Henry the Black Bear at the town pump as much as we did!!

rob singleton said...


Anonymous said...

Hi, We just met you today in Cheboygan. Remember the owl Resteraunt and lounge if you come in town.. Remember shannon how can you forget her? Hope to see you in alpena but if we don't good luck and it was great meeting you. You are a wonderful family.. Have a safe trip... Don't forget brown trout! Miranda
ps.remember I don't work until after five.