Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Story of the Last Two Days: RAIN!

Quote of the Day:

Sonia, after riding for an entire day in the rain and 40 degree temperatures: "They say hell is hot. I think hell is rainy and cold and I think this is it!

2nd Quote of the Day: After riding for a second full day in the cold and rain, Alison was trying to cheer up Sonia and Gus. "I'm so proud of you guys. I don't know many kids who would do this." Sonia's reply: "I don't know many kids who would want to do this!"

Even with all of the rain gear (coats, gloves, booties, etc.) there seems to be no way to keep all of the water out...especially when you ride for two straight days in it. Today, on the road from Troy to Libby, the sun finally came out enough for us to see our shadows. Gus and I gave a loud whoop from the bikes. Now, if we can just stay dry for a couple of days.

Last night we stayed in a Yurt in Troy. Since we were cold and wet we were all very thankful that it had a heater! Troy even had a laundromat where we could wash, but more importantly dry, our clothes. As I write this from the library in Libby, we are about to get back on the bikes and head to our next camping spot about 23 miles from here. Tomorrow we hope to be in Eureka and get a hotel and showers (which we all desperately need!).

The bottom bracket on my bike continues to make a lot of noise. We hope to get it replaced in Whitefish on Friday. It won't make it much longer. If anyone out there can get their hands on a 68x122 square taper sealed bottom bracket and can overnight it to us in Whitefish, let me know! The store there hopes they can get one but it didn't sound too promising. I'll keep you posted. Time to get back on the bikes!

Sorry, no pictures today. We keep crashing the computer when we plug in the camera!



Kelly said...

Good luck, ride safe and drink water! Thanks for all the sub days this year. I will be riding my mountain bike around this summer, and my new motorcycle. Two wheels = fun. See you in the fall.

Kelly Snell

Anonymous said...

Hi, gang. Sorry about all the cold, rainy weather. We're having it here too. 40 degrees every AM and a high of 60 daily. It's a good thing the kids can still joke about it. Sunny days are coming; we got one today. Xela is fine. She went to the ball game with me last night. Elaine

teva said...

i e-mailed the company in portland about the bracket and i'll call them in the morning but im not promising anything doc. but i'll try. if i can work my magic then who knows...

Anonymous said...

Did anyone get a definite on getting a bottom bracket to Dan?
Dan great pics.


Rachel and Rob said...

Dan - Please let us know what type of bike you have. If you can't get it fixed in Whitefish, we'll find one somehow and get it to you at your next bike shop. Between Corvallis and Eugene, someone's bound to have it. Try to stay as warm as you can you guys. Rough way to start the trip!! If anyone ships one please post it ASAP so we don't duplicate.

rachel Rob and Hannah

Rob Singleton said...

Dan, just use the other one. Isn't that why it's called a 'tandem'? Seriously, I looked through all your photos and zoomed in to see the Burley model you have but couldn't make it out. If you can call me or post the model and year, I'll call or go down to Burley in Eugene and have one shipped out to you.

Chris Rosendall said...

What an adventure. As I said to your Mom, the Kirby's raised a bunch of under achievers... Good luck and may the weather Gods be kind.

teva said...

for ya'll who wanted to know about the bike...i looked around in the blog and i found a passage that said that Alison got a "RANS Screamer tandem."(this info is under the febuary blog just under the pic. of Alison wearing the red shirt) And they mention a "Coventry Cycle Works in Portland (503-230-7723)." i looked up the company and i have their e-mali if you want to message them
I hope this will help.
Ps. no answer from the company yet.

scrappinbug03 said...

Hello! At the office we are keeping up with your whereabouts and check in throughout the day to see how things are going.
Marilyn says to tell you that she really misses her 4-legged granddaughter.
We all wish you well and happy Biking! Take care!
From all of us here at the office!