Thursday, June 26, 2008

More Photos...

Finally into North Dakota!

At the border.

Leaving Montana as we entered, in the rain.
Yes, it really WAS that dark!

Sonia and Dan ride in the rain.

Being chased by the storm.

Waiting out the first storm.
Camping at the city park in Culbertson.

The day before the big storm; riding the
backroads of the Fort Peck Reservation on
BIA Highway 1.

Mile 600 in Montana.


Anonymous said...

I know the small towns where you stay probably don't have a library, but I find myself checking your blog at least 3 times a day and am disappointed when there's no news. Great photos; much appreciated. We were very sorry to hear about all the rain, and especially the SIX flat tires. I see Alison's kick stand is still holding up = Jim will be pleased. Monday night, at midnight no less, Xela met a visitor who was less than kind = you got it, a skunk!!! In case no one else has had this experience yet, tomato juice does work!! At first there was little odor - more a musky smell, so I brought her in the house - big mistake. We're all back to normal now. After your experience with Jo and Sam, Jim and I decided to sign up for warmshowers. We've had correspondence from Roger and Randy and are waiting for final approval. Love, Mom and Dad

Rachel said...

Dang, I am so jealous. I know what you guys are doing is REALLY hard, but it must be so cool to be discovering new places and testing your strength~ Gus looks so proud at the 600 mile mark. Thanks so much for taking the time to post the stories and pictures! They're wonderful. I think I'll look into the warmshowers web site as well.

Stay dry (if you can) and don't get hit by lightening!


Paula said...

Loved reading all abot your adventure. Thanks for sharing it with me. Heard about your trip from AC. ENJOY!! Paula Rosasco...Southern Tier 2003/2004.

Anonymous said...

I am home sick with a Kidney infection so instead of being in the office I decided I would check up on your blog from the comfort of my bed.
The flower beds at the office are still thriving with everyone making sure they get watered and taken care of. It's quite the group effort.
Your pictures are amazing and what a story to tell for many years to come!
Good Luck and try and stay away from the Lightening!!

Anonymous said...

You guys rock!! I wish you flat roads and sunshine!;-) J.L.

Anonymous said...

I'm a little (well, maybe a lot) jealous of you for being to pull off such a monumental trip with your family. It's been a dream of mine to ride cross country some day. You sure have hit the weather a little harsh so far. I hope that changes for you soon. I wonder how you managed to get enough time off from work and be able to afford such a trip. Keep up the blog. I check it every day or so. Don't give up! Bill in Georgia.

Anonymous said...

I love your blogs and am truly inspired by your travels! Keep on truckin'- You are in my daily thoughts and prayers!
Kerri Porter