Friday, June 13, 2008


"If they don't move over, they don't get no wave." --Gus
Rode on a main road in heavy traffic today. Library closes in 2 minutes. Dan getting bottom brackets put on the bike here in Whitefish while I write. Pizza here and then an easy 10 down the road to Columbia Falls.


Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,

Just letting you know that we're following your trip through your blog... Can't wait to hear what's next!!!

We're with you in spirit.

Chuck, Tracy, Tessa and Reid :)

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you all made it through Friday, the 13th!! I hope the bracket that Dan got on his bicycle is the right one and that it solves the problem. Enjoy your day off. And, Happy Father's Day to Dan and Jim. Xela and I are holding the fort. Elaine

Anonymous said...

Wow, the bracket problem adds so much drama. Are you sure this is not a Reality TV scripted event? How many episodes can you drag out the bracket issue? Good luck! Chris

Tmulroe said...

Calzaretta/Kirby Klan
I am glad that the chain situation was resolved but really sorry that you did not get a chance to spend the night in the house your friend arranged for all of you. Luckily Dan is such a good camper. I know from experience-- when we contemplated chopping up a picnic table for firewood the time we camped with Martha and Sue--then found out the table was concrete in daylight the next morning. Dan'scamping gear was in the other car--the one Guy drovewith Craig Mall. As you near Wisconsin you might want to look up that camp ground. As I recall a butler brought coffee to the campers. My kids enjoy the story of that camping trip, although they can't believe their father ever camped. If you can call that camping. I don't really believe it. Mart and I had a good laugh over that memory recently.
Serious--hats off to yourfamily for taking on this adventue. You will have memories forever. If you near MADTOWN you always have a place, dry at this point if the rains of 2008 don't leave our state underwater. Best to all of you.
Tom Mulroe