Saturday, June 28, 2008

Quote of the Day

VENDING MACHINE in front of bait shop in Stanley, North Dakota was dispensing "a dozen jumbo leeches". Hopefully in a container.


Anonymous said...

Hi Y'all! The Newtonians are in Delta visiting the parentals. Mom showed me how to make Italian beef, but I still have to do it by myself before I can declare myself worthy of a slicing machine. I am good for a while, as I have 5 containers in the freezer to take home. My note taking took 4 pages. Today, we will attempt to make pound cake for the umpteenth time. Just can't seem to get this one right. When will you be in MN? How far will you be from Newton?
I tried to call you the other day, but you didn't answer. Too busy pedaling, I suppose! I didn't leave a message. All for now. Love you all. TTTJJ

lisa said...

ok, i'll bite. what is IN the roosevelt park zoo? what animals? is there an admission charge? is it open all year-round? did you Know there was a zoo there?

not being a big zoo fan personally, i still find this detail almost twin-peakish.

miss eraserhead, i drove past clark and harvey recently. as i believe you know, it's parking lot but just paved, not multi-level and the pine still leans over the porch spot. for all the development on that north side, it's amazing that plot isn't a high-rise.

did you have a bike back then?? i don't remember.

oh, and the kappa house has their letters bolted much more securely to the building these days!

love to you all. xoxoxo