Thursday, June 26, 2008

My rain gear is...suboptimal.

My Columbia rain-sheeting guaranteed weather proof gortex waterproof you will be blissfully happy in a downpour raincoat is a lie. Leaks like a sieve. I think I'm actually drier when I don't wear raingear. I tried out my hypothesis today but decided against riding naked down Route 2. There are probably some women who would NOT get arrested for that stunt. I am not among them.

Quite a pelting downpour today. Rain hurts on a fast downhill, I learned. And the dang mosquitos were eating me up on the slow crawl up the next hill. Misery index today: 7.

Joy at discovering the library was open until 8pm in Williston, North Dakota: 9

We love you guys and thanks for the great comments! --Alison

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Jen said...

A modern day Lady Godiva! Thanks so much for the wonderful posts and beautiful photos. You're a long way from Walla Walla now...