Sunday, June 29, 2008

Photos: North Dakota

Beer take-out in North Dakota...just back the truck
up to the bar door!

A great breakfast place in Stanley, ND.

Before eating the "Big Rig" breakfast -- french toast
or pancakes, three eggs, three bacon, four links or one
large sausage patty.

After the "Big Rig" -- a breakfast well appreciated by
cross-country bike riders!

With our Warmshowers host in Williston, Anna
Hoffman (her husband Doug is not in the photo).

Sonia in front of the Roosevelt Park Zoo in Minot.

A different kind of garden gnome popping out of a
"gnome hole" cover in a yard in Williston.

High art, North Dakota style!

The first to ride on a partially-completed Highway 2,
still under construction and closed to cars (bikes,
however, can squeeze between the "Road Closed"

Outside the Snow White ice cream shop in Ray, ND.

Riding on a very windy day between Williston and
Epping, ND.

Gus leaning against the wind between Williston and
Stanley, ND.


The only one in the family who doesn't wheeze said...

Hey you guys, great photos. Ya know, our European bike tour was called the Search for the Best Apple Streudal tour, but I think you should definately call your the "Search for the Best Ice Cream Tour!" Looks like you're consuming some serious breakfast calories - isn't it great to eat as much as you want and know you're burning off twice that many calories before lunch? We just got back from Bend where Rob ran a half-marathon. Okay, let's say Rob ran 7 miles of a half-marathon, had an asthma attack, and then wheezed the last 6 miles to the finish line where 3 EMT's had to revive him with oxygen and powerful drugs. What a guy. Otherwise, we had a lot of fun at the pool in the 102 degree temperatures and watching the lightning storms at night! Now it's back to force feeding the chicken and dental appointments! Hope you guys are having fun. We'll be up at Mom and Dad's this weekend for the 4th and to celebrate Dad's birthday. I'm sure he'll have fun stories to tell us about your trip.

Buttocks to the wind!!!


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed all your photos. Looks like you are all getting tan and muscular!! Rachel wasn't kidding about the lightning and torrential rain storm we had last night. Temperatures in the 90's all week-end. I keep thinking about all of you out in that kind of weather with no where to go, except east. We love you. Mom and Dad

wombat064 said...

Hi Guys, It is a great joy to see you guys having so much fun. The photo's are great !!!

Phil, Australia