Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Chester, Montana

Beautiful 42 mile ride from Shelby to Chester, Montana. Lovely town of 700 people with well-kept lawns and streets. 70 degrees and sunny with a tailwind on the ride today. Not a tree in sight on this side of the Continental Divide. My dad is loving bird-watching and reading while he waits along the road every ten miles for us to catch up. Today is laundry day. Olfactory relief. We are one day ahead of schedule, so we looked at the maps and decided to break up the 84 mile day in North Dakota into two days. We will be back on the regular schedule by Turtle River State Park, ND. Kids are happy and continue to notice things that we take for granted: clouds, wind in tall grass, roadkill.

We think of home often and appreciate your comments to us. xxoo, Alison


Rachel said...

Great pictures!! Thanks for taking the time to down load them. We have been out every day on our tandem and can't believe how fast it is! It's fun. It sounds like you guys are having a good time. Tell Sonia she'll get bread and water, bike every day and LIKE IT. If you can't afford a pair of flip flops, Hannah and I would be happy to send you a $3.50 pair from Fred Meyer as an early Christmas gift! Don't they have flip-flops in Montana or are you planning to wear plastic bags all the way across America? That could make Oregonians look pretty darn bad. A huge hello to Dad and Happy Birthday!! Wish we were there to celebrate with him. We'll call tonight (Wednesday) to see if we can talk to him. Keep riding hard - you guys are amazing! The first week is always the hardest - then you get those thick callouses on your buttocks and from there on it's a breeze!!

Love ya,

Martha said...

Wow! You guys are really doing it! Tom Mulroe called me tonight and told me about your blog. I will be thinking about you every day and praying that you have good weather and smooth roads in the days ahead. You are creating some wonderful memories for your kids. Have fun!
Martha Robison

Anonymous said...

Hello, Walla Walla bikers. I'm ready to talk about an update, and I'm thinking it would be wonderful to run on the 4th of July. Is there a chance to talk on the phone in about a week or at least by the 30th?
Also, Alison, Juliana has this funny-looking bug bite along with an odd cough, and I was wondering...JUST KIDDING!

Rob Singleton said...

I don't know which is braver, cycling across the country with 2 kids and a husband with a sense of humor as dry as his Thanksgiving Day turkey
opening this blog up to all your sophmorically witted friends and family.

Way to get across the Rockies everyone!!