Thursday, June 12, 2008

Finally -- The Sun!

A day like today is what riding is all about. We just got into Eureka, MT and had beautiful weather all day! The sun, a road high above a lake (Lake Koocanusa), and plenty of downhills to keep us going.

Yesterday was mostly rain-free. We rode from Troy to McGillivray Campground on Lake Koocanusa. Along the way we stopped at Kootenai Falls. We took about an hour off the bikes to explore the falls and a swinging bridge over the river. The kids seemed to get great pleasure from rocking the bridge while I was in the middle of it. It helps to break of the day with stops like this. Yes, we want to get to Maine, but we really want to get to that next rest stop, that next cafe, over that next hill! I guess it is all just a matter of perspective.

Last night we stayed at McGillivray Campground, about 300 feet above Lake Koocanusa. The campground was empty and quiet, the rain had stopped, and we were all happy to be in a dry place for the night. We all need, however, showers in a bad way! There was a line for the computer I am typing on now that quickly disappeared when I stood by the computer. I guess a bad smell does come in handy occasionally!

So far we have been able to stay on our schedule. Tomorrow is the longest day yet to Columbia Falls (about 61 miles). We'll stop in Whitefish, however, to try to get the bike fixed. In Columbia Falls we will take our first day off. There is a huge water park that we are all looking forward to.

Thanks to all of you who offered to help with a bottom bracket. I think I found the right one in Massachusetts and had it overnighted to Whitefish. Hopefully that is the right one! I'll post again looking for help if it isn't.

We hope to post some more pictures tomorrow from Columbia Falls. Thanks to all of you for writing!



teva said...

im glad you found the part. but just in case, i found one, and its ready to go if you need it.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad things are going well. I hope the part arrives in Whitefish ok. So far no lions or tigers or bears? Thinking and praying for you guys every day. Go Calzarettas & Kirby!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yippee!! So glad to hear the weather is improving. Good luck on the long day. I'm sure the kids are looking forward to the water park. We're about to buy a used Burley Duet Tandem that is only 2 blocks away (we've been looking all over the state for one...go figure!) Anyway, it's a good deal and really decked out including a car top carrier so we're excited! Maybe next year we should all do France!!
Good luck in Whitefish.

Love, R r and H

Anonymous said...

You've been riding in the rain for two solid days, yet all of you are looking forward to going to a water park! HHMMMMM. Glad to hear you're all doing so well and that the kids can still joke, despite the sore leg muscles. Nice to talk with you last evening. I hope that long trip to Whitefish today is all downhill. Love, Mom (Granny)

Anonymous said...

Hey there sounds like you are having a blast even though there have been some bumps and grinds HA! HA! along the way. Miss ya Kirby! Have a wonderful rest of your trip. Camille