Thursday, June 19, 2008

We're in Havre!

Quote of the Day 1: while taking a rest stop Gus said "Dad, look at the log in the river." My reply, "Get your log back on the bike so we can ride!"

Quote of the Day 2: Remarking on the landscape Sonia said: "I thought where we were riding yesterday had nothing. This has even more than nothing!"

We reached
Havre (pronounced have-er) safe and sound despite: (1) a grass fire on both sides of the road we were riding on which produced choking smoke and almost zero visibility; and (2) road construction in Havre! We finally reached the library after riding for about a mile on a torn up road with gravel and many holes and then taking a "short cut" across the new but not yet opened road, through a couple of parking lots, and onto a back street. I would have stopped to take pictures but I was afraid we would be chased down by the construction workers!

Today we rode for the first time with all the gear on the bikes (I have four bags plus the trailer and Alison has two bags). Even with that we still averaged about 15 mph for the 63 miles to
Havre from Chester, MT. The bike is slower going up hill but a lot faster going down!

Tonight we are staying in a dorm at Montana State University in
Havre. That should be fun! And hopefully tonight we will be able to find a meal that consists of more than fried food. Although last night in Chester we ate at the Grand Cafe and Bar where they served delicious broasted chicken.

I hope to be able to post more pictures later tonight if the library on the campus is open.

One mechanical issue today: Alison's kick stand broke. We're not sure why; it is very heavy-duty. We stopped at the bike shop in Havre and asked if they had one. The guy had never even seen a recumbent tandem before. The kickstand is from RANS, but we won't be able to find one anywhere near here I am sure. This is really more of an inconvenience than a mechanical problem.

Thanks again for all the comments and support!



wombat064 said...

Hi Guys, Good blog , its great to see a family get out and spend some quality time together. There should be more of it . WELL DONE.
Its my turn soon

Keep pedalling and stay safe

Anonymous said...

I am enjoying all your comments and photos. It's been inspiring! If you haven't checked out recent comments to your articles in the Walla Walla U-B, you should. There's nice testimony from Tom Mulroe Jr. Best of luck!
Carol in CO

rachel said...

Tell Alison to stop leaning on the kickstand during rest stops and it won't break. Ha. Let us know if you need us to send you one at the next stop. We saw a recumbant tandem at the bike shop yesterday that has independent chains for both riders. Hannah loved the idea. She cold just coast away back there while I did all the pedaling! How did Sonia and Gus like sleeping in a dorm? Tell them to get used to it - college isn't that far off! We're busy making strawberry jam today. Yum. It's a cool 75 degrees (Hannah says we might turn on some air conditioning if it hits 80. Do you remember what AC is?) Hope there's no more fires along the road - but it does make for an interesting story, doesn't it. Take it easy you guys.


Anonymous said...

Having fun tracking your journey. Saw a man at the library yesterday who was riding a bike and using the library for HIS blog. He was from West Virginia and was heading for the coast, then flying back, just like the Calzarettas, but in reverse. About the kickstand. If you can't get it fixed, just flip the bike on its back each time you park. Oh, would that be difficult?

Scott and Kathie

Curran Bishop said...

I just found your blog and it's a real inspiration! Hope to do something similar one day!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad your trip is going so well!
We have watched the greek geeks multiple times, and the opening for my brothers b-day party was our class movie!!

hope you are having a good time!

Shelley said...

Hello Calzaretta/Kirby family!

I must admit, I felt a little guilty reading your blog and updating see, I've been mostly sleeping and watching baseball since school got out. Fun, yes, but no higher purpose going on here. We did coach our cat through giving birth in the backseat of the car while driving down the freeway. That was something!

I'm having a lot of fun reading about your adventures. Stay safe.

Michelle Meyer
(and Kate, and her brothers, Zach and Kenny)

Anonymous said...

After driving all day, Jim got to Walla Walla and your house at 11 last night. No extra car there, so don't know about the new doctor. He didn't go in the house. All your flowers were in great shape, probably thanks to Thom and Jen. He dozed 1 1/2 hrs. at Sand Point on the Columbia & another 2 hrs. at Arlington, arriving here safely at 6 am. So good to see him! Xela went over every inch of the outside of your car; ah, the supurb smells of her family! Alison, how is your strength holding up? Are you able to take your Copaxone? Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys - This is the first day I have gotten to read your blog - but I am completely caught up now. The kids and I are in Austin, Texas at my parents house and Jake is climbing Mt. Ranier. It is so fun to see your pictures and read about your adventures. I especially enjoy the quotes. Like I've said before, part of me is very envious and wishes we were riding with you and part of me is so happy that we aren't!

Anonymous said...

The pictures are great! I can't believe you all still look so normal. I expected more dreariness/exhaustion or something. You're in my thoughts and prayers daily. So far no bears? That's a good thing. Miss ya tons.


Krista said...

This is so much fun to read! I don't want you to think I forgot about you. According to your map I think you will be in Foston, MN on about July 6. My sister is working on several contacts she has there, in-laws, friends an old nanny of hers to find you a good place to stay or at least someone to talk to- though I'm sure that is not a problem. I'll be getting back to you soon, Krista D.

Anonymous said...

glad you guys are doing great and having fun. we miss you guys at the track we had our scr weekend we really missed you then. austin fell in main on saturday and broke his arm right above the growth plate. he is already racing. nothing keeps that kid off a bike. sounds like you guys. see you the end of summer. gus will be in great shape by then. jenn wwvbmx