Monday, August 4, 2008

Back in the USA: Somebody get me a CHEESEBURGER!

Yesterday was a wonderful day of tourist hedonism at Niagara Falls, Ontario. We stayed at the Niagara Falls Hostel International near the bus terminal. Friendly, tight quarters with computer, laundry, kitchen access and pungent smells galore. Today we crossed the border with relative ease thanks to an email from our bicycling friends, Barb and Bob. (Thank you! Thank you! We would have wasted an hour of frustration without you!)

On the morning ride, we ate juicy peaches at a roadside stand where the owner gives bicyclists a free drink from the cooler! Lunch was equally great at Lil'Robins in Lockport, where Tim and Chris were boisterous happy hosts and good cooks.

We are rested and happy and heading for Brockport today. Welcome to New York, our 9th state, and over the 3000 mile mark now. Seems impossible that there are only 2 weeks left in the trip. Sonia turns 12 on August 18th, somewhere in Maine.


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