Monday, August 4, 2008

Photos: Lockport, New York

Good eatin' and great conversation with Tim and Chris at Lil' Robin in Lockport, NY.

Our homage to Norman Rockwell.

Back in the USA.

Fort Erie, Ontario with Steven and Janet, our fabulous hosts.

Janet and Gus.

"I said, Get off your bum and fill the water bottles!"

Hostel in Niagara, Ontario.


Elaine said...

I noticed the book in Sonia's hand and Gus' great freckles when I enlarged your photos. Keep reading, Sonia!! Also, saw a great big bandaid on Sonia's knee in another picture. A mishap? I hope you intend to bring that tube with the multi-patches home with you. It would make a great momento of the trip if you framed it for your family room. And not only is Sonia's 12th birthday coming up, but also your 23rd wedding anniversary!! We'll celebrate all when you arrive here on the 22nd. We are looking forward to that! Love, Mom and Dad

Anonymous said...

Welcome back to the USA! You guys are looking great! Happy early birthday Sonia.... I am sure this one is one you will never forget. We are looking forward to seeing you in a few short weeks. Keep up the great work! Love, Chandra and the gang

Anonymous said...

fun- I especially like the slave driver pic and its caption.


teva said...

hey doc, i have big news for you when you get back into town... :) have fun on the east coast!! ttfn