Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Newspaper Needs Your Help!

Sheila Hagar of the Walla Walla Union-Bulletin will write an end-of-the-road story about this trip. She's requested that anyone who would like to please contact her at sheilahagar@wwub.com to share tiny morsels of what this trip has meant to all of you. Each submission will have to be very short, and she will have limited space, so there are no guarantees what she will ultimately use. Nonetheless, she would like to include that which she can from those who took this journey with us.

Also, we would love to hear any final thoughts you may have for us after you have had some time to think about it. There is no limit on what you send to us!

We have made new friends through this trip (even if just on-line!), and become reacquainted with friends from the past. Thanks again to all of you!

~ Dan


Midge Fogarty said...

Hi all - I have been going through your blog over the past couple of days - I am from Dwight, IL Alison's hometown. She may remember me - Midge Masching was my name back then. Elaine made my wedding cake and Alison's dad trimmed some trees for us. My friend Julie Miller lived just down the alley. Anyway - I now work parttime as a reporter for Dwight's newspaper and would love to cover your story. Elaine sent some info to The Paper. I may contact the reporter that has done much coverage, but would like to use your blog - some good quotes there. OK with you? I need some other background info too - how can I contact someone with a few questions? Please let me know. My email is madelynfogarty@yahoo.com I want to get this out asap since your journey has just ended. I look forward to hearing from you. Amazing journey - congratulations!

Midge (Madelyn) Fogarty

Becky said...

It will be a fantastic story, too. Sheila writes great stuff. I'm looking forward to reading the story.