Monday, August 11, 2008

Photos, New York

Donut crossing: Never met a donut we didn't like.

Even in New York, they seem to know about Gus.

Our saints of Orwell: Kellen, Kim, Carol, Megan, Charlie, little Toby, with Alison, Sonia and Gus.

Alison waiting in the ER to get treated for MS exacerbation.

The other one we like is, "If you are smoking in here, you best be on fire."

Alison in the fisherman's hostel.

We got to visit all five of the Great Lakes.

Silly and hilly in the Adirondacks.


rachel said...


The picture of Alison in the hospital made me want to scream!!! I'm so sorry Al! What a huge enormous scream out loud bummer. If it's any consolation, I would have been in the emergency room in Montana, so you've made it SOOO FAR!! Just do what you've got to do to get to Portland Maine, even if it means putting one of the tandems on a bus, or renting a car!
(Send us the bill!) Bottom line: try to give yourself a little break, your body has been through so much and it's really tired! Try to remember that a normal person can barely do 30 miles a day on a bike- with MS it feels like 130! Dang. I feel so helpless. I just want to jump on the front of the tandem and let you coast on the back all the way across New Hampsire. Try to take care. Call if you need to talk.

Love you,

Anonymous said...

To have made it this far with no visits to the ER is quite an accomplishment. Sorry to hear of Alison's flare up with the MS. It has taken amazing will to have made it this far for all of you, and especially for Alison. You go girl! You are a Kirby and it does not surprise me one bit! Do what you need to do, listen to your body. You can and will make it one way or another. I will keep you in my prayers.

Will keep checking the blog to hear how it goes, best wishes for a safe ending to a wonderful journey!

Chris (orlando, florida)

Anonymous said...

When you stayed with us you made an otherwise quiet Friday night and Saturday morning a time of great happines and inspiration. I hope Dan got his tooth fixed!

Rachel has summed up our feelings about the flair up of the MS. It's beginning to look as though we'll be spending some time next summer on the "shut-up-and-pedal-to-finish-the-ride" in your honour. Given the courage you showed us it seems that's least we can do.

Love and continued best wishes,

Steven and Janet

lisa said...

hey kirby-girl,

sending you love and power. take care of yourself. glad you have Danny, and Sonia and Gus, and all your amazing road angels keeping watch too.

you're a rock star, woman!

wombat064 said...

Alison you are one hell of a lady, and myself (Phil) and my partner(Stacey)are very proud of you. As I said to Elaine, you have more courage than the pioneering astronauts, and you never give up.

Having said that, hurting yourself throuh being too stuborn is not good either.

You are a champion of legendary proportion and having a rest and or taking it slower is not giving up.

May I suggest you put the kids one bike and Dan and yourself ride the other one for a while where Dan can help take some of the load.

The kids will love it too, it will soon turn into a big kid (Dan) /little kids competition.

We believe in you, we admire your courage and determination but please take it easy

Dan, Gus and Sonia we are proud of you guys too

Phil and Stacey

Anonymous said...

You guys are absolutely awesome. Very well done. We are proud to know you guys. Makes my back hurt just taking a 15 mile leisurely ride down a state park trail. Stay safe and healthy the rest of the way.

Dan shoot me an email when you guys get back and things get back to normal.


Elaine said...

I've been waiting for a call from you, but you may be in an area where there is no reception. Jim and I have been talking and if it will help you complete your trip, one of us can fly out there, rent a car and drive the SAG Wagon to accompany you on the rest of your trip. That way, all your panniers and the trailer could go in the car so you will have less weight to pull and possibly the hills will be a little less arduous. If needed, it would also be there to take Alison for her treatment. I keep checking your blog site and the photo of Alison in the ER just tears my heart. Mom

Anonymous said...

Hi Alison I'm so proud of you for what you have done this summer. I feel for you. I have always hated those treatments. you will get better fast and finish you trip you are very strong. Everyone at the track misses you and your family looking forward to seeing september and october take care of yourself. my prayers are with you. have loved your blog all summer. thinking of you
jenn wwvbmx

Lori Wahl said...

Alison, I have been following your trip quietly and admiring the strength of your entire family. You are ALL incredible. My heart is breaking to read that your body is tiring and MS flaring but that you feel disappointed. Heck, girl, you've done so much more than most can conceive of. You do what you can, but take care of yourself...there are many of us cheering you on, wishing you peace and praying for your strength.

Elaine said...

It was SO GOOD to get Alison's phone call this afternoon and to hear her laugh!! Now I know she'll be all right despite the MS attack, and the disappointment and frustration of not being able to continue riding her bicycle on the trip. Hearing her say that she wanted to continue riding until she could not pedal one more stroke is so like her!! Gus, I think you should know that your Mom gave you credit for her being able to keep going those last two days. She said you have become so strong that you were carrying her load, that your roles were reversed. I'M SO PROUD OF YOU AND SONIA!!! I don't know of any other kids your ages who could do what you two have accomplished this summer. Now that she's had the three series of Solumedrol, hopefully the MS symptoms will abate a little bit. And with her driving a rented truck as a SAG vehicle, the rest of you can continue your trip across Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. You're through the Adirondacks, but those Green and White Mountains in Vermont and New Hampshire will still be tough. Hopefully, with your panniers and the trailer in the truck, that will cut down on the weight you are pulling and make it a little easier. I love you all very much. Please stay safe this last week. Granny (Mom)

Jackie and Ben T. said...

Kirby/Calzaretta clan where are you??? Those of us who have been addicted to your blog all summer are worried and going through withdrawl!!!We all look forward to the quotes of the day( who knew Gus was so profound?)and what's happened to all the plastic fish? Our family, not to be out done has been eating all the ice cream we can right along with you. Mine is Rocky Road( in honor of your trip )and Ben and Brad are consuming Coconut Pineapple( just because they like it!)No matter how the trip is completed, it's been quite an accomplishment and inspiring to all of us at home parked on our "behinds" in front of the computer. (Occasionally I do get up and mow the lawn so the neighbors don't start to complain !)Looking forward to your return to the "real" world, and yes Gus we do MISS YOU!!!


When you get back come to my house and we can do sumthin'.