Saturday, August 23, 2008

Looking back up the jetway leaving Maine: lobstah and moose.

42 stories up at the Penobscot Narrows Observatory.

Old bridge. New bridge. Behemoth truck with bikes. Near Bucksport, Maine.


Anonymous said...

Well, you ALL did it! How amazing and awe inspiring! An accomplishment that not too many families can say they have completed! In the spirit of the Summer Olympics, you ALL deserve a GOLD medal for the USA, which you have just traversed coast to coast!

You have accomplished as much as any olympic medalist and more, because you have done this together as a family and will take all of it with you forever. What great stories Sonia and Gus will have to tell their kids, how can they ever out do such a trip with their families one day???

I have truly enjoyed the adventures, and mis adventures. I certainly would buy your book, if as someone else suggested, you ever write!

Today you should be back home, and I'm sure it is home sweet home after being gone for so long. Enjoy your last days before you jump back into the "real" world.

Keep on riding. Look forward to reading the article in the Dwight Paper, as I still get that every week. (Have to keep up on all the Dwight gossip.)

CONGRATS on a job well done!!

Chris Andersen
(Orlando, FL)

Emily Dodson said...

Mom told me to look this up. You are all pretty fantastic! I will look forward to hearing about more of these adventures.

Anonymous said...

My folks sent me the Dwight paper's article about your trip - wow, what a great adventure! Congratulations!

Lynn Neville
Elmhurst, IL
(DTHS Class of '79)