Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Photos: Last day of the tour

Thank you, Thom, for the excellent recommendation for post-trip dinner!

Grocery store cheesecake after lobster shack dinner. Best meal of the trip.

Birthday-girl Sonia.

"I have been dreaming of this meal for 4000 miles."

Finishing the achievement of a lifetime. Thank you, Dan, for believing in me.

Walking the bikes away from the Maine shore, and heading for a lobster dinner.

Letting our friends and family know we reached the goal.


Anonymous said...

Oh, and by the way, you don't return to the "real world". You return to a world that you see with different eyes, different ways of looking at things, a kinder heart, a treasure chest full of great stories to tell. I love the quote, "I am not the same having seen the moon rise on the other side of the world". You've already inspired so many people, now you can head back and enjoy life even more!


Becky said...

WOW!!! Awesome! Congratulations! What a ride it has been, but you guys made it! You will be welcomed home, and in spite of your growth as a family and as individuals during this trek, you are still the people everyone here knows and loves, with more and greater stories to tell, and funny tan-lines, to boot! :o)

God bless you on the trip home.