Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Final Push, Part One

Frustration. Rage. Anger. Resentment. Uncertainty. Sadness. And that was all before breakfast while in Ticonderoga waiting to see if Alison would be able to ride.

We have all had to deal with the reality of the situation in our own ways. Gus has really stepped up to the plate and agreed to help Alison sag for me and Sonia. He has really grown up this summer in so many ways, and I feel lucky to have seen it and to have been such a close part in it. Sonia has gotten on the bike for the last three days and has climbed some monster hills with me (and ALL without complaint!). She has kept her sense of humor and keeps telling me to keep my hands off the brakes on the downhill ("I've pedaled to the top and have earned the downhill!" she has told me several times). In fact, today we set our speed record of 52.75 mph! Tomorrow we have Kancamagus Pass. It may be a longer climb but I guarantee it will not be steeper than some of the hills we have already ridden, and with our gear. I hope the ice cream place rumored to be at the top is still there. I have dealt with the situation by trying to keep riding. This has been a family trip; that has been true since we started planning about two years ago. It isn't just about getting to the Atlantic. We have learned so much about each other as a family. But to be honest, it is also about getting to the end. And we will get there as a family. We will all dip our tires; we will all jump into the surf. We will all yell and scream and eat a last bowl of ice cream. We have all earned it, in spite of the MS, flat tires, wrong turns, occasional bruised egos, and a tantrum or two.

~ Dan


Terri said...

What a family! This experience (lived and shared by you) has been incredible. It has the makings of a blockbuster movie! Who will play Gus????

You have shared it all with us. I am so grateful to have ridden this route vicariously through you. Good times, bad- wet or dry. The opportunity to grow closer as a family and share life's rich lessons- abeit- they aren't all rich...

Safe travels for the rest of your journey. Love & hugs from Terri in WW

wombat064 said...

Please turn your trip into a book.
You could donate part procceeds to MS and make some money towards your next trip.

Sugest a North to south trip..maybe something like The underground railway. you can find maps at

anyway, congats on a great blog, congrats on your trip . happy wedding aniversary .

talk to you again soon,

Bums to tne wind.

Anonymous said...

Only a week left and you are all still laughing! You are amazing. Can't wait to see you all. Enjoy New England and good luck on the Kanc. Love, Chandra

rachel said...

Happy Anniversary!!! I hope the ice cream at the top of the Kangamangus Pass is the best of the trip!!!!

Anonymous said...

The Underground Railway ends very near Port Colborne! We'll have beds and choclate mill ready.

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