Monday, August 11, 2008

How Things Change

It is funny how situations on the road can change quickly. The weather can go from warm to rainy (and it has over the last few days). Moods can shift based on the wind and hills. And the unpredictable can happen.

Alison's MS flared up unexpectedly a couple of days ago. The kindness of strangers again saved us when we needed it most. I will write more on this later, but a family took us in out of the rain and put us up in their home for the night.

Because of the MS, we will have to modify the end point. We are still shooting for the coast of Maine, but we will most likely be dipping our tires near Portland rather than Bar Harbor.

We have had to shorten our miles each day to try to get Alison through. For those of you who know her, she is not one to give up easily!

I will post more in a couple of days when we have more time and have a better idea of how things are going.

Thanks for all of you who have been following us and writing words of encouragement. It means more to us than you can ever know.

~ Dan


Terri said...

You continue to be in our hearts, thoughts and prayers. Take care of each other.

Love & hugs from WW- Terri

David & Bonnie Hartmann said...

Alison & Dan,
I have been following your progress and now I have to read that you will have to modify your final "dipping" point. I can imagine that you are severely disappointed, but think what you have accomplished under such severe conditions both with the weather and with your MS. This is what your mother was so afraid of. I am amazed that you were able to go this long without an MS "flareup". I am glad that you were near enough to medical help to keep you going. Sure it is NOT THE END THAT YOU PLANNED AND WORKED FOR, but consider what you have accomplished and what you have overcome. I think it is truly amazing and I'm sure God has both blessed you and protected you over these long weeks "in the saddle". I'm sure your parents will be so happy and relieved to see you get back home and well enough to do so. Our good wishes go with you. Uncle David and Bonnie

Anonymous said...

Kirbs & Family,
Wow, you're still at it-even if it's at a slower pace-you still amaze me. Miss you every day. Keep your chin up.