Monday, August 4, 2008

Gus, Dan and Sonia after the Tour Behind the Falls.

The Maid of the Mist sails under a rainbow between the American Falls and Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian side.


Anonymous said...

A beautiful sight and no doubt cool and refreshing at the falls! I have fond memories of seeing them as a child on one of our family vacations. Good luck the rest of the way. I look forward to seeing you dip your tires into the Atlantic!
Carol in CO

Daniel Walla Walla said...

hey guys i hope u are having fun bike riding i hope u make it all the way!!!!

Rachel said...

Tell Alison she is starting to look downright skinny!! Yeehaw!! What a diet plan - bike across America!!
Tell Sonia an early HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Can you ask her what she wants from her Auntie Rachel and baldy Uncle? I think she's living the good life. I celebrated my 12th birthday in a kitchen in Dwight! Maine sounds pretty cool! We just got back from the Couer D'Alene trail. Fun ride. We saw lots of moose and took a mine tour. Pretty wild. Our trip phrase became, "It could be worse. We could be miners". We added the Hiawatha trail onto the end, which made for an extra 75 miles on steep gravel roads. (Over 2 mountain passes!) I've got to give it to Hannah. I never could have done what she just did at her age. These kids - they're amazing!
So here is what I was thinking about while we were riding:
OMG - we've done 35 miles and I'm dying. How are Al, Dan and the kids doing 60 miles in a day???
WTH - How can they advertise this campground as "quiet" when it's located between an interstate and a state highway???
OMAA - When Rob suggested I get a gel-filled seat cover to put over my gel-filled seat which is under my gel-filled biking shorts, I knew my butt was never going to "toughen up"! I gave up and covered my seat with my bunting jacket.
GAL - Are we really calling this a "vacation"????
LOL - Hannah will never ride on the back of a tandem after a burrito dinner again.

It looks like you guys are having a great time. Enjoy these last couple of weeks - you'll remember them for a lifetime!

PS We finally sold the Westfalia to some hippies from Eugene. How appropriate. Onward. No more $700 distributor cap bills! Yippee! Now Rob wants to get a Harley. I slapped him.

Love ya,


PPS We're hosting our first Warm Showers biker on Friday. I think we're going to take him rafting on the McKenzie River. I figured it was good karma!