Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Erie (Canal) Scenes

We stumbled upon a free concert with free food in a park in Rochester, NY. What more could a cyclist ask for? (and it had stopped raining!).

Dan and Gus in the pouring rain on a crossing over the Erie Canal. It was still a great ride.

Sonia reads a new book outside of a bookstore in Brockport, NY.

Alison and Gus in their anti-gnat riding gear.

The geese scatter as Alison and Gus ride through.

Alison and Sonia watch a tug pulling a dredge up the canal.

Gus at the northern most point on the canal.

Pizza in Medina, NY, a small canal town.

The obligatory ice cream -- Double Dips in Medina.

A canal crossing. The bridge goes straight up when a boat comes through.

Alison and Gus on the canal trail.


Rachel said...

Wow! The Canal path looks heavenly- no cars and no hills! We have our Warm Showers biker here tonight - see, you're affecting a biker all the way across the country who would not have had a bed to sleep in tonight and Rob's great company if you hadn't told us about WS! Of course, sleeping at the KOA might be better than Rob's beer and strange conversations! It sounds like it's been an epic journey - makes us want to take it on. We'll just have to figure out a way that we can pull it off. Enjoy Vermont - it was my favorite state during our New England tour even if it is hilly. Get ready - the local ice cream is BEN AND JERRY'S!!! Talk about a sweet reward at the end of the day! We're all getting excited for your return and to hear all the great stories. Perhaps there's a book to be written here? Our friend Scott wrote one after biking across New Zealand. You can call it "Flat Tires and Double Scoops of Ice Cream"! Maybe the kids can spend an afternoon thinking up a better title, or titles for all the chapters! Keep on biking! What a thrill it will be to reach the Atlantic. Probably 100 times more exciting than you had anticipated. Wish we could be there to spray you with champagne!!!

And during those long hills, remember this: it could be worse. You could be out back burying a dead chicken like me.


Anonymous said...

As you travel thoes hills of Vermont, think of the movie,the sound of music, "The hills are alive with the sound of music" On our trip through Vermont years ago, we had to drive out past the family farm. We love your stories and photos Bob & Joyce

Rob Singleton said...

I just want to say that it was not I who made the chicken deceased.

Anonymous said...

Marylyn says your plants are still green; as long as she just waters and doesn't touch them.They are growing big but that is because i dont touch them. I just want to know thati have followed your trip everyday and your family is truly awesome and such an adventure that will never be forgotten. I so admire each one of you. And you dr kirby WOW there is no words for what you have achieved. You are truly a very amazing person.Very few people could ever achieve what you have,even those really skinny buff people that are in tip top shape.I, as everyone in peds, is so looking forward to you walking thru the doors and listening to all your stories.You are so missed and your laughter is really missed especially right now.(I never did get a recording of that laugh). May you have a safe speedy return home. My thoughts & prayers are with you!!!! love ya marylyn patton

Anonymous said...

i took a ride down the canal last sumer it was grate we when 60 miles of the canal i would hope maybe some day i can do it agin and all the way this time