Monday, August 18, 2008

New Hampshire covered bridge.

Pastures Campground: 3 more days to go!

Fairlee, Vermont.

Crossed the Kancamagus Pass and into Maine on the same day.

They said, "That was easy. But we didn't want to make the other bikers feel bad."


Anonymous said...

Dear SUPERHUMAN Relatives,Enjoy each moment left of this adventure.  You are OLYMPIANS to us!Diane, Michaella, Marina, and Jon

Elaine said...

Jim and I just read your latest blog entry together. The photo of you sitting in the Pastures Cmpgd. toasting with your water bottles (and Dan's beer) should go on your Christmas card this year. Great photo of all of you and the color is beautiful in that late evening sunshine. I just got off the phone with Alison as the other three of you are frolicking in the Atlantic. Enjoy that swim! You've all earned it! Alison said that not only is the water wonderful but that a lot of big, old sailing ships are passing right by where you are playing. SONIA, HAPPY 12TH BIRTHDAY! This is a day for you to remember and to tell your kids about some day! In the meantime, you have bragging rights that few other kids will ever have. Gus, the philosopher, thank you for watching over your mother these past few days. You are both such incredible kids!! Have fun in Bar Harbor the next couple of days. I'll see you at the airport Friday evening. I just mentioned your names to Xela, and she perked up her ears. By the way, she loves Bing cherries and apples!
Love to you all, Mom

wombat064 said...


What a trip !!!

Sorry , Its not often , Im lost for words.....

Make sure Alison dips that tyre.