Saturday, August 2, 2008

Photos from Ontario

View over Lake Claire at Rondeau Provincial Park.

Gus gets upset about being out of clean laundry. That's his coat he's wearing for pants.

Sonia and Gus love taking the ferry!

Like the Wallace and Grommit movie, this guy was making a getaway in the window of the Chocolate Penguin ice cream shop in Wallaceburg, Ontario.


Anonymous said...

GUS....I LOVE the pants! What an ingenious Idea. I hope you get some clean clothes soon....Chandra

Anonymous said...

SO GOOD TO HEAR FROM YOU!!! I knew you were okay, because you'd have called if there was a problem, but I kept checking your blog site 3-5 times a day only to read the same thing over and over. Rachel, Rob, and Hannah just came a bit ago on the way home from their bike trip to Coeur d'Alene. Guess it was a rough trip. We're counting the days the same as you are. Stay safe and enjoy your day off tomorrow. With lots of love, Mom and Dad

Elaine said...

I went through your latest photos and write-up with Rachel yesterday. Just now, Jim and I went through them together. I see you are now carrying an extra tire and rim on your trailer. And, we noticed that Gus got a hair cut. His helmet should fit a little looser now!! We hope you had a great day 'off' today and got energized for that long day coming up Monday. That will be your last long haul until your last day going into Acadia National Park. Be sure to climb Cadillac Mountain when you get there. It's just one great big ROCK, but the view of Bar Harbor from the top is pretty. Love to you all, Mom & Dad

wombat064 said...

Hi Guys great to see your still having fun.

Gus, pants with ventilation... good idea but why are you using your jacket? why not your sisters ?

Good to see you all looking fit and healthy.