Thursday, August 14, 2008

Photos, Middlebury, VT

Matt, future history teacher, discusses how colonial soldiers avoided scurvey and sobriety by drinking spruce beer at Fort Ticonderoga.

Fresh from the Ticonderoga ER. Any resemblance to a prize-fighter is purely coincidental.

We found the last room for miles just before the rain (re-)started: Long Lake, NY. They have not had this much rain in the Adirondacks in over a hundred years.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you are all on the move and up on your feet! We think about you and talk about you daily! (Are your ears burning?)

Carol in CO

rachel said...

Sounds like a great compromise to me! Gus may have hauled your carcass up those hills but now he's gonna be ridin' in style!!! I've gotta tell you, I've ridden that Kangamagus Pass (twice - what an idiot!) and it will be a MEMORABLE anniversary!! That thing is brutal - but it must be noted, 21 years ago there was an ice cream place at the TOP!!! NO LIE! I hope it's still there. As for "almost making it" no river trip is complete without flipping a boat in a big rapid, so just consider it part of the adventure!!

Love ya,