Monday, July 14, 2008

Ashland, Wisconsin

A foot-long for five dollars. As Dire Straights says, If you're gonna' run cool, you need heavy, heavy fuel.

Bucolic break in northern Wisconsin.

Gus and Dan speeding past Sonia in hilly Wisconsin.

Alison & Dan: Ashland, Wisconsin.

The Apostle Islands of northern Wisconsin were the halfway point of this 72 day trip. Are we half-done or half-started? Sleeping in a church and waking up with dawn streaming through exquisite stained glass windows made me pause for reflection. It occurs to me that this has been a voyage of triumphs. A triumph for our family over the conventional wisdom that adults and their preteen children cannot communicate. A triumph of bicycles over oil companies. A triumph of courage and perseverance over difficult days. And for me personally, a triumph of the human spirit over multiple sclerosis. If it all ends tomorrow, it has been worth it. --Alison


Anonymous said...

Alison, I am with you all the way in spirit...You go girl!!
Carol in CO

Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone!

Keep pedaling and having fun! You can follow J, M, and M's adventures at


Anonymous said...

Hey, Gang you are all truly amazing! I love reading how your trip is going. I am in awe of your family. Way to go, keep pedaling and I will see you when school starts!
Lani Kiefel
Pioneer MS
Walla Walla

wombat064 said...

CONGRATULATIONS.. you are half way to your destination...

The Journey will remain with you forever..


Anonymous said...

Alison & Dan. A very great story,just like a serial,look forward to the next chapter.I want to share your pains of a bad day see glory in the good days.your half way to that Lobster dinner at the coast. For us that was a great treat hope you will try it also.( only at the little shacks along the coast}.YUM. BOB & JOYCE

Anonymous said...

You are truly amazing. I'm so glad you all are hanging in there. I keep thinking the pictures will show a family on their last shred of energy. Instead, you all continue to look satisfied and excited. Keep having fun and be careful.


lisa said...

wisconsin...summer-vacationland for most of northern illinois. i'm thinking of you all, and dreaming of you bicycling through my childhood memories!

great photos. great stories. i feel the same way about commuting (car vs the train or el), Danny. in the car, you never have to encounter people, meet them, understand for a fleeting morning second what's the same or different about you both. cars definitely separate us. it's so great to read your stories -- connecting you four to the road, the people, the country -- and through you, all of us lucky enough to be reading!

thank you all for the amazing journey.

and of course, big love for my eraserhead friend.


Terri said...

Way to go Dan, Alison, Sonia & Gus!

You have much to be proud of. I love looking each day to read about the new adventures.

Thanks for sharing this adventure with us!

Hugs from WW- Terri G.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that you are half way there! What an inspiration you have been to me. I love reading all about your travels and often think of the fun you must be having.....esp when I am just sitting around sweeping my kitchen floor up for the third time that day:) I can't wait to hear all about these adventures in person. You all look great in the photos! Keep up the great work! Chandra

Anonymous said...

Hey gus it is J.C. I can't believe I missed your call what a bummer!I suppose you guys have been to a lot of places. It sounds fun I wish I could be there with you. I`ll see you in fifth grade.

Anonymous said...

Hey all you guys . . . we've been meaning to check in with you sooner but life has been busy with all the usual summer activities. What a blessing it must be to let go of all the day to day "stuff" and just experience life as it comes at you!! I've read through your journey and am truly inspired and amazed. Keep pedaling and pushing . . . we will be hear rooting you on to the end!

The Wicklunds