Monday, July 14, 2008


Sunset over Lake Superior from Ashland, WI.

Dan enjoying a fine Belgian ale at a brew pub
in Ashland.

The kids playing on the rocks near Cornucopia,
WI (Emma, Gus, Alice, and Sonia).

The outside of our home for the night in
Ashland, WI.

Sunrise over Superior before we left Duluth.

Our bedroom in a converted church in Ashland.


Anonymous said...

You all look and sound great, and the beer looks even better (and I'm sure is awesome after a day's ride).
I have noticed that the love affair with ice cream continues and at some point would love to know where the best ice cream is along your route, what flavors everybody gets (the same every time, local specialties, etc...) and how many times a day you actually get ice cream.
So glad you've had time to meet people and enjoy each other. We miss you very much.
All is well here in Walla Walla. The boys are off to Maine on Wednesday and I'm staying with the pups.
It's amazing how many people have pitched in and helped with the clinic gardens! I also can't tell you how many people ask about you- I'm thinking about printing up a card with the blog site info and just handing it out!
We all look forward to reading your comments and looking at the pictures- keep it coming!
Thom, Jen, Cooper, Jack, Maddie, Nell and Angus

Anonymous said...

It's about time we saw Dan enjoying himself with a beer, especially after all that training time riding to Waitsburg, WA! Thom