Tuesday, July 8, 2008


A classic American roadside restaurant outside
of Ball Club, MN.

Gus and a big ox.

On the road from Bemidji to Deer River.

Sonia outside Grandma's restaurant.

Sonia gets attacked by a fish box!

Nothing tastes better than a mug of chocolate

milk after a long ride!

Alison and Gus arrive in Deer River.

Gus gives the double thumbs up at the Pike

Hole restaurant in Pennington, MN (our lunch

stop for the day).

Sonia on a bridge above the Mississippi River.

This is about 50 miles from the headwaters.

Bemidji -- the home of Paul Bunyan and Babe.

Paul, Babe, the bikes and us!

Dan wearing the only clean clothes

he has (and a nice fashion statement

at that) on his way to do laundry.

Gus and I after riding for hours in the rain.

We were as wet as you can get without actually


I think this seat needs some repair. Notice the

sign on the wall. This was in the city park in

Mentor, MN.

Billed as the "world's largest shamrock" on the

ceiling of the Irishman's Shanty in Crookston, MN.


Terri said...

Great pics!!

Enjoy Minnesota.

Safe travels and hugs from WW-

rachel said...

Cool! It looks like the scenery is changing now that your in MN. I love the pic of Sonia and the mailbox! Keep having fun!!
Rob and Hannah leave Sunday for Disneyland. They're really excited.

Anonymous said...

Great photos Dan love them all.You are now in the country side of our trip with our big old Dodge Maxie Van in 1989.We had come up from having went To Nebraska first on 80,then up to Minnesota then on east to Bar Harbor.My old film camera froze up on me so we bought senic post cards for our albums to be. Were in to one our dry spells here in Portland, had to get the hose out,wish we could hi-jack some of thoes clouds south down here for some summer rain.I have told many in the neighhood about your trip,and they are amazed.so heads up and may the lead bike get there first. Bob & Joyce M

lisa said...

having spent lots of time in minnesota, i just Have to say it.... "Oh, good for you Dan and Alison!" (add a 'yew betcha!' and imagine the accent and everyone will feel right at home.)

it's so great knowing you're here in the middle of the country. while in minnesota, be sure to eat the walleye. it's the local fave.

south of bemidji, in walker is where the lake freezes in winter and they literally build a town on the ice - huts, streets and street signs, various outposts, housings and all matter of ways to celebrate winter, and ice fishing.

hope you're enjoying some non-winter in the upper midwest and hope you will miss bad weather of all kinds for at least a few days!

thinking of you all. Calzaretta: if it turns out the cubs' success is related to this undertaking, you'll have to bike cross country more often!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures!!! I was so excited to see the worlds largest shamrock! (As I am sure you were). I bet that made the whole trip for you ;) The pictures are wonderful....Loved Sonia in the mailbox! Glad you are all having fun and staying safe. We think of you daily. With love, Chris, Chandra, and the kids.

Anonymous said...

Excelentes fotos Gus! Me encantaria poder comer donuts y pancakes todos los dias tambien:)
Espero te sigas divertiendo mucho.

Saludos a toda tu familia:)


Anonymous said...

I believe that's an IMPRINT of the world's largest shamrock. According to an old newspaper clipping from the Crookston Chronicle, the actual shamrock dried up in 1983 and fell to the floor, taking out several gaping tourists in the process. For some time the pile of dried plant material on the floor was promoted as the "largest fallen shamrock" in the world. After bagging up the pieces and selling them as souvenirs, the sign was changed to "the largest shamrock imprint" in the world, but business declined and so back to "the world's largest shamrock." Just thought you might like to know. Scott.

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for you guys and the mosquitoes. They will pick you up and carry you away. Garlic is supposed to keep them away-like a vampire...no really. Mosquitoes don't like the taste of garlic. Garlic breath probably doesn't smell that bad-compared to the normal trail smell :>.

Miss you,

Anonymous said...

These photos around Deer River brought back memories of our trips up there. Only 'big' Paul has acquired a pipe and moustache since we were there umpteen years ago.
Xela has now depleted the gopher population by 6 and is keeping the deer at bay. I actually have some roses blooming this year (that the deer haven't eaten). I LOVE this dog. She can spend her summers on Grandpa's farm any time!! She seems to enjoy the freedom of being out with Jim all day and of course, loves the pond (kerplunk!).
We're into our second yard sale this week-end, and she enjoys all the attention from the kids and has even gotten to romp with a few dogs.
I wish you could get some of this gorgeous sunshine. Love, Mom

paige said...

Calzarette/ Kirby Clan:
Wisconsin's sate bird: the mosquitoes. Advice we are given is Listerine this summer after all the flooding. It helps ward off and take the itch out of bites we have heard.
Tom Mulroe