Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Rugby, North Dakota

Hello To Anne Swant from her hometown of Rugby.
It's easy to see why this town produces such nice
people. We have been warmly welcomed here.
Hope all is well in Walla Walla. --Alison


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness Gus' foot injury is just a bad scrape and not another fx. He's just being a normal boy!! You're proving what I've always thought = basically people are really good at heart. I'm glad to hear you're having such good experiences. And, Sonia, I'm glad to see you aren't giving up on your favorite pastime. Love, Granny and Gramps

Terri said...

Hi daring folks-

I am glad to hear that Gus' foot is just a scrape. That boy!

What book does Alison get to read while Sonia pedals??

Sorry to hear of mishaps, but love hearing about all the great folks, scenery and ice cream!

Take care and keep enjoying the trip. I love checking in on the blog! Terri G.

teva said...

Have you been wearing sunscreen doc? You look like your getting a bit of a tan...I’m sure its probably a hassle on this type of trip, but still...UV protection is important.
Have fun and be safe. :)

lisa said...

although i can't do cpr or bake a designer cake, i'm going to have to agree with Elaine (and was Jim a postman? do i have that right? and the airedale was called Mac and we had to hide him in the attic when the landlord showed the house on clark and harvey). ok, i digress.

i will have to agree w/Elaine. i've become quite addicted to the Kirby-Calz story (it' more than just blog posts at this point. it's a live narrative) and i'm rather disappointed when there's no news on a given day.

that said, i would Hardly be posting daily if i were cycling across country. i'd slog through my 60 miles (ha!), hit the ice cream, shower, tavern, and the heck with the biblioteque.

it's absolutely Howling wind and nasty rain and thunder, lightning and even some hail here in chicago tonight. hope it is not true for you further north.


Anonymous said...

You guys are studs living through all that wind and rain! It will be fun to see what lies ahead. My sister and her family have set up some places for you in Foston and Bemidji so check your email for details on how to get hooked up. You are entertaining people all across the land with your Blog! Krista