Friday, July 11, 2008

I like weather, but this is nuts!

And now, the weather...

As I was updating the blog with pictures this evening I heard a strange beeping sound from the hotel lobby. When I looked at the television there was an ominous red banner across the bottom of a radar picture of the Duluth area. A severe thunderstorm warning had just been issued. Here is the text for your reading enjoyment:

At 751 PM CDT... National Weather Service meteorologists continued to track a line of severe thunderstorms capable of producing destructive winds in excess of 80 mph and nickel size hail.

This is a dangerous storm. If you are in its path... prepare immediately for damaging winds... destructive hail... and deadly cloud-to-ground lightning. People outside should move to a shelter... preferably inside a strong building but away from windows. People biking in it should have their heads checked...ok, I added this part just to see if anyone was actually reading it.

This is the radar image from the
storm. We are in the very middle
of the image.

I'm glad that we are not camping tonight. I just hope that the storm passes through quickly (it should be done by about 1 AM according to the Weather Channel).

Here are some more photos:

Alison, Sonia and Gus on the deck of a Coast Guard
Cutter after taking a tour.

This is why you should never pack a Subway sand-
wich inside a bike bag. It may look like a pita or a
taco, but it was actually a 6 inch spicy Italian

Crabby Bills. Need we say more?

Dan and Gus waiting for the drive-through ATM in
Grand Rapids. We did receive some strange looks.

The Vietnam War Memorial in Duluth on Lake
Superior. Notice the flag. That is about 30 mph

Bic (left), Kaitlyn, and Chris. We first met these intrepid riders
in Montana and stayed with them at the same house
in Williston, ND. They are riding from Burlington, WA
to Burlington, VT. Notice the ingenious buckets for
panniers. Chris constructed them.

Dan, Gus and Sonia after the boat tour.

Gus in front of the wind-blown surf this morning in


Terri said...

I love the photos! Just learned tonight (from Elaine K.) how to make the pictures full size. Next I will work on saving some of them.

Mother Nature hasn't been too accommodating has she?

Glad you are under cover for the approaching storm- and yes, I did read about the crazy bicyclists!

Hugs from WW- Terri

wombat064 said...

Drive through ATM ?..C'mon you are pulling my leg now arent you ?.. The only drive through things we have in Oz are fast food outlets like Macdonals, Hungry Jacks (Burger king), KFC etc oh and some liquor stores have a drive through bottle shop. And all of them get gnarly if you ride a bicycle through them..

wombat064 said...

Oh Guys the way.. stay out of that storm large metal objects, water and electrical flashes from the sky dont mix well with human flesh and hail hurts when dropped on you from great hights.

Take care


Anonymous said...

You guys and the weather!!! I hope it passes quickly so you can get back on the road. Keep under cover! Chandra

Kelly said...

Wow, that looks like fun. Good luck and stay safe.See you in a few weeks.

Kelly Snell

Anonymous said...



Rob Singleton said...

Of course, after cycling across the country, maybe you'd develop mini-donuts and be a little crabby too. And those bucket panniers look like they'd work pretty well if caught in a hail storm; just wear them on your head! Keep up the great work guys!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I sent the UB article to your e-mail address. Hope you got it okay. Elaine

teva said...

lol...yes, we are reading. Hope that storm passes fast so you can get on the road.

Jeff Brewer said...

What a great blog! I just discovered you yesterday and have read back to June. Thanks for sharing.