Saturday, July 19, 2008

Quote of the Day: Manistique, Michigan

"You're riding all this way and you're pregnant?"
"No. Just Fat."

I'm so grateful to strangers for letting me know that I'm maintaining my girlish figure, even after 2300 miles. Sigh.


Terri said...

Let it go!! You are using up a ton of calories daily. Ask them how many miles they have riden lately!

My positive thoughts and energies are there with you!

Hugs from WW (via Puyuallup right now)- Terri

wombat064 said...

Hi Alison,
Mate agree with rude of them !!!, you are doing a great thing out there and dont let anyone tell you any different.

Anonymous said...

I love the comments that go with the pictures. You guys really crack me up! I wish I had your enthusiasm and drive. Glad all is continuing to go well. We think of you often. May the next month go smoothly and be joyful for you all. You all look great! Take care. Love, TTTJJ (notice the extra "T" for Twixie).