Friday, July 11, 2008

Duluth, Minnesota

Rode about 45 miles from Floodwood to Duluth on Thursday. In the rain. Alison and Gus got separated from Dan and Sonia as we speeded down an enormous hill heading for the downtown. Finally found each other on the waterfront of Lake Superior and got a hotel so we could visit museums downtown. Having visited Duluth 25 years ago in a car, I didn't remember that it is as hilly as San Francisco. This was the first time since the Rocky Mountains that we used the drum brakes in addition to the caliper brakes.

Today, Friday, awoke to a gale blowing off Lake Superior with gusts to 40 mph and lightening storms predicted. I think we'll just hang out at the library today and take an extra day here in Duluth. Maybe press on to the Apostle Islands tomorrow.

Sorry this is brief. Dan had written a beautiful lengthy update last night but couldn't upload it, or any photos, on the hotel computer. More later, promise.

Thanks for all your kind words. Can anyone email us the U-B article from last week? We can't access it from their website.



Anonymous said...

Hi everyone,
Alison, no one else can access the UB article on the web either. A glitch somewhere, Sheila said. I contacted Terri in Walla Walla and she is mailing the article to me. When I get it, I'll type it onto Dan's e-mail address. It should be here in a day or so.
Miriam is coming to spend Monday & Tuesday with us. Looking forward to her visit.
Yard sale going well. Sold a Grumman canoe and now Jim has sold his Old Honda 250 cycle. You said to clean out this stuff!! We're trying!! Love to you all, Mom

Terri said...

Hi guys-

Alison's mom is right. (Sheila was going to try to figure out how to access the article.) I sent it to her a day or so ago.

I have kept one copy here for you.

WW is warm- had 90s last week and now it's in the 80s. Probably not what you want to hear during your rain and wind storms.

Stay safe- Hugs from WW- Terri

Anonymous said...

Dan & Alison, I sent a link to the article, and a word version as well. You will have to save the word version to disk to access it, it wont load with the file name ending in x
UB Article.docx Word doesnt like the x.
Oops, Sorry..


Rob Singleton said...

FYI, the "x" in "docx" is a Word 2007 file extension. Word versions prior to 2007 will not read it but Word 2007 can read "doc" files. Hope this helps.