Thursday, July 17, 2008

Photos: Iron Mountain, Michigan Upper Peninsula

Watching the lightening storm roll in.

This ice cream made in Madison, Wisconsin is fantastic as well as creatively named.

Life could be worse. You could be famous for your worms.

Skid-induced blow-out. Didn't get a photo of the six foot long skid mark on the road.


wombat064 said...

I bet Dan ate a bucket load of Fat Elvis icecream !!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the look of tan lines on the hands!

masterchief100 said...

Wow sonia you need bike training skills baaaaaaad. Anyway hope you guys are having fun on your trip!
All iv been doing is golf golf golf golf golf. And baseball.:(
By the way i bet the gigantic miner resruant had gigantic portions :). Oh well have fun guys and make sure sonia and gus dont kill eachother;).
~Ben tompkins