Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Quote of the Day

People say you can't do this kind of trip with kids. And you guys are proving them wrong!

~Smilin' Joe, a fellow cross-country cyclist we met in the UP of Michigan


rachel said...

Yea Gus and Sonia!!! What the guy should have said was, "People say you can't do this sort of trip with your parents, but your two are proving them wrong!!"



wombat064 said...

I don't care what other people say about giving your kids this sort of experience.

I say I AM PROUD OF YOU, every parent should spend some quality time like this with thier children.

YEA TEAM, All of you

Anonymous said...

Dan, Alison, Sonia, and Gus, each of you have captured our hearts and minds! I am certain that we all look forward to your latest entry of photo's and commentary. Your "quote's for the day" are clever, and simply icing on the cake, thank you all for sharing this very special "Family" event with us all. Take Care, I wish you well..

Rick, Grand Forks, ND