Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Best Team Mascot Yet!

We are now in Devil's Lake, ND. We camped at Graham's Island State Park last night. Its claim to fame is the North Dakota annual Walleye Tournament (unfortunately it was last weekend or we could have had some yummy "creamy walleye casserole" featured in the newspaper!).

While reading the local paper, I saw a photo of the 1981 high school girls basketball team. They won the state tournament that year. I had to do a double take when I saw the team name on the jerseys: the Satans! You have to love that spirit! I can just imagine one of the cheers:

Hey, you, what's that smell?
It's just the other team, rotting in .....
Well, you get the idea!

We left Rugby, ND yesterday at about 8 AM. Minutes before we left a stomach virus reared its ugly head and hit Alison and Gus. Sonia and I had it the night before. It really is amazing, however, that the human gut through millions of years of evolution, has developed as much resistance as it has. Since we eat most of our meals prepared by someone else, or get produce handled by quite possibly hundreds of hands, it is remarkable that we haven't gotten really sick. Now, if we could just get Gus to stop injuring himself!

For most of the ride yesterday we fought a wind from the north. It is really draining, both physically (trying to keep the bike upright) and mentally (thinking about keeping the bike upright). By the time we got to the state park we were ready for a break.

Yesterday I rode with Sonia. For much of the morning she was quiet. I don't find riding in the silence boring, however. At one point I started to think about what I think about when there is no conversation. I guess we always have an internal conversation going of one kind or another. At one point a car passed with only one person in it. I wondered if her internal monologue went faster than mine did in proportion to the speed at which she was travelling.

Today we are off to Lakota, ND. They are having their 125th anniversary celebration today. It seems that many communities were established at about the same time when the railroad came through this area. We are looking forward to the food tent (I'll report later on any interesting finds; I wonder if the 'deep fried snickers bar' has made it here yet!). There is also a variety show at the high school that I am looking forward to seeing.

Thanks for all of the comments, and have a great 4th of July! We will be in a cabin at Turtle River State Park that night. I hope we get to see some fireworks!

Also, Alison wanted me to say to those worried about her sun exposure: she is not getting too tan, it is just her freckles running together.

~ Dan


Anonymous said...

I thoroughly enjoy your blog, it is like being there.. I have been on one tour and want to do more. I also offer you and yours a ride from your cabin to the fire works show in Grand forks ND where I live and back to your cabin if you like.
218-791-9111 Rick

Anonymous said...

So glad you are all safe and having so much fun. Love the photo of Gus's place! Have a great 4th in ND! Love, Chandra and the crew

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
This is Vanessa in Fosston, MN. My family is going to meet you and give you a place to shower, a meal and a place to sleep (I am sure you know this, as mutual friends have set it up.) I was wondering if you can give me an idea of what day you will arrive in Fosston and do you expect to be here afternoon, evening, or whatever. Time doesn't really matter but a day would be helpful. Thanks. We are really looking forward to visiting with you and hearing your stories. God speed. Vanessa

rachel said...

Hey you guys! Happy 4th of July! I hope you can take Rick up on his ride to the fireworks! That would be a nice treat after a long day of biking. Rob is running the Butte to Butte race in Eugene this morning - nothing too hard: 10K. Then we'll see the fireworks and head up to Mom and Dad's in the morning. How is Al's MS doing? Is the fatigue behaving itself? How are her legs? Life without the stress of school is keeping mine in check despite days of picking blueberries in the heat! Hope you're all feeling better after the stomach flu. That's a drag, especially when you have to get back on the bike and ride. We're rethinking our German bike tour after finding out that the dollar is really weak there right now. Everything would be twice as expensive. Ug. Perhaps a tour of North Dakota? What do you think? The kids are sure looking tan and buff. They're doing something that so few kids do. What amazing troopers they are! Tell them I love their muscular legs! They should be very proud of them!

Enjoy the 4th!


Anonymous said...

Happy Independence Day Sonia and family! Sonia you are going to have to come back and speak to my Explorer students next year about your adventure! You could give a better geography lesson then I ever could I bet! I'm so proud of you for taking on this adventure with your family! Was one of those pictures of you reading while pedalling? I love it! I'm very proud of you Sonia! Our family is thinking and praying for yours often! Take note of all those ice-cream places.. I want a list!
Love, Mrs Butler (Angie and Dan) !