Thursday, July 3, 2008

Scenes from a Life on the Road

Back in Chester, MT Sonia and Gus sort through their
belongings to see what to pack on the bike. The head
of our support crew (and the entire crew!), Jim Kirby,
was heading back to Oregon the next day. Thanks for
all the help, Jim!

Alison and Sonia ride near Devil's Lake, ND.

Our campsite at Graham's Island State Park, ND.

Gus and Sonia wait as Alison mails the rain coat that
couldn't repel rain back to Walla Walla from Leeds, ND.

Outside Grahams Island State Park.
The center of it all, Rugby North Dakota.

Something we don't see in Walla Walla -- a mosquito
fogger (the spray is meant to keep the eggs from

Gus apparently has his own place in Rugby. That
"Bach. Party" on July 5th could be worth waiting
around for!

Gus and Sonia float small rocks on a piece of
wood. We ride 67 miles: the adults have a hard
time walking and the kids run around and play...
it's just not fair!

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Anonymous said...

Happy 4th of July to you all! I am enjoying your journey and my girls got a kick out of Alison's stylish "flip flops". I wish you continued safe travels and new friends made on your adventure!

Kerri Coffman