Tuesday, July 22, 2008


When the people leave, the geese party.

Sunrise over Lake Huron.

Our bikes look longer than the boat.

A throng of tourists descend on Mackinac Island.

Pasties, as we learned, are a local delicacy.

This is a pastie, a meat and root vegetable-filled, hand-held pie.

Enjoying an empty beach on Lake Michigan.

The only mystery is why I didn't stop.

Look at the sign above us. Do you think we are the kind of bikers they meant?

Crazy hair on the ferry.

I took this picture while riding. Sonia, Alison, and Lake Michigan.

What else is there?


Terri said...

You are all LOOKIN GOOD! Tan, atheletic, healthy and HAPPY!
Thanks for sharing all the pics. One of these days I am going to save some of them! Haven't read the journal entry yet. Hope things are going bikingly (isn't that like swimminingly?).

Take care of each other! Safe travels- Terri G. from WW

Anonymous said...

I always did hate how expensive and crowded tourist shops are, but galee!! that was crowded!!


Anonymous said...

This is Bob again, even thoe I am just about 82 years old and came on the scean of computerism late-late I find it a world of knowledge. If you want to know all about the Mystery Spot in uper-Michigan, Just go to search on the inter-net. It's got the whole skinny. It seems to be a spot in the Iron ore country that has very highmagnetism.Type in Michigan's Mystery Spot. Enjoy. Bob and Joyce.

rachel said...

You guys all look so healthy and happy! What fun to bike along Lake Huron. Rob says he's found the mystery spot...he'll talk to you about it later....


Anonymous said...

Sure am enjoying your adventure. Love the pictures, quotes of the day and all of it! Thanks for sharing, I look forward to all the blogs. You all are looking great, hope you are feeling great too! Keep on biking!
Chris Orlando, FL

Anonymous said...

Astoria is a good place to start. Enjoy each day! Kent