Sunday, July 6, 2008

Crookston, Minnesota

A new state: Minnesota. Yesterday was our first day of cycling in heat and humidity. The kids wanted to know why the trees looked out of focus. It's hard to explain how water in the air creates haze to a kid who has seldom experienced it. Last night was also our first try at stopping mid-day for some fun at a waterpark in Grand Forks and then riding again in the evening. The cooler air was easier to ride in, but bugs up the nose and in the eyes were the price. When I had had enough of biting flies, I told Dan, "What, it's not enough that we have to suffer on the bikes, now we have to suffer with flies?" In his customary voice of wisdom he said, "We don't even know what suffering is."

Today, we have a short 40ish mile ride, so are taking our time at breakfast and planning to see the world's largest shamrock outside an Irish pub here in Crookston. We love visiting these "world's largest ball of twine" types of kitschy roadside wonders. We are easily amused.

To the rough list of Items to Take, I forgot to add SPF 30 lip balm. Picture sunburned lips and french fries. Also, this was just my list of stuff. Dan's list included the fluffy optional items like bikes, patch kits, spare tubes, spokes and pumps.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Walla Walla bikers,
The story appeared online for a few hours and is now archived, but available with a search. Tech problems, I'm told.

I think I want to interview the kids for the next installment.I imagine both will have interesting observations about those who ride in front!

Kim Lawbaugh said...

Hi Dan and Family,

I've really enjoyed reading your blogs and looking at your photos. What an amazing family experience! It'll be fun to hear stories when you are back at school (arghhh! too soon to be thinking about that yet).

Thanks for sharing this adventure!

-Kim Lawbaugh

rachel said...

Hey Al, You're starting to look skinny! You could start a new diet plan: bike across the frickin country and lost 20 lbs! It actually sounds like a good way to do it.
Dad was kind enough to loan us his Chinook camper until we can figure out how to replace the Vanagan. It's got a lot more power and better gas mileage. It also doesn't need a AAA tow with every trip. Rob and Hannah both like it. Hope Minnesota offers more interesting scenery. Rob and I were thinking books on tape (iPod) might be a safer alternative to Sonia reading on the back of the bike. She would probably see more of the scenery?

Gotta run. MS exhaustion. Thrillsville.

Love ya, rachel