Thursday, July 17, 2008

This is actually the name of the Michigan town right before Iron Mountain.

What is it like to climb hills in Wisconsin? It's like having a baby in the sweltering sun while being swarmed by deerflies. Day after day. No big deal.

They like euphemisms in Wisconsin.

Scenic and hilly county roads vs the major highway which is flat but has constant semi trucks. Some days it's a tough choice.

Sheldon, our savior outside Iron River when we blew the tire. He thought it was the neighbors shooting at each other again.

Just like in college.


lisa said...

Hi all,

sorry to hear wisconsin is giving you a hard time. that pink & white cow ice cream is sold many places here, and glad you're enjoying it in its home state.

hope Sonia is doing ok, and that Dr. Kirby has dried her hill tears.

you washingtonians are mighty!

peace and love,

Anonymous said...

Hello? Remember me? Do you have cell coverage yet?