Saturday, July 5, 2008

More Photos!

Leaving Turtle River State Park, North Dakota.
This will be our last day in North Dakota (July 5).

I guess every town needs to be famous for
something (or someone, in this case).

One guy said that the bike must get pretty good
mpg. I said we measure it in mpp: miles per

The best we can figure is "off sale" means
take out.

As part of the 125th town celebration, many
classes from Lakota High School had reunions.
This is the class of 1951.

The World War Memorial building in Devil's
Lake, North Dakota.


Anonymous said...

You were correct Dan, "Off Sale" is for beverages purchased to be consumed off premises.


P.S. thanks for allowing me to tag along for a bit. Pictures look good.

Anonymous said...

Damn...that's where that feather duster went to...


Rob Singleton said...

Hey Guys,
Rob here. We're at the cabin, helping with the rummage sale and making a general nuisance of ourselves. Xela is doing very well although she still smells like skunk when her fur is ruffled. We're going to wake up Jim soon to fire off a saved copy of the best firework from last night. We hope you all saw some good 'works last night. Happy Belated Fourth!! Your list of equipment was an interesting read. You didn't mention extra spokes so am curious if you've needed any so far? Doh!, I wish I hadn't asked that!

Elaine said...
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Stephanie Fisher Heiberg said...

Dan,Hope you enjoyed turtle River State park. I use to be a lifeguard there. I was surprised my billboard was still up outside of my hometown of Larimore ND. It was a great place to grow up. I live in Minneapolis MN now, but I was sure proud to represent my homestate of ND at Miss America in 1992. Be careful smiling too much as you bike. We have alot of misquitos in Eastern ND, but at least you'll get some protein with your pancakes. HA! All my best! Stephanie Fisher-Heiberg.