Saturday, July 26, 2008

Photos: scenes from a life on the road

Sonia and Gus explore at Lake Huron.

Just add "Bike" to that list.

A campfire at beautiful Hoeft State Park.

The debate: religion vs. science!

This time NOT getting mauled by plastic wildlife!

Alison poses with her yellow helmet.

Ouch! Front yard fun in Michigan.

Sunflowers and a red barn in Michigan.

What else do you need for a party but smoked fish? Let's get the party started!

Dan strikes his best bowling form in front of Big Bowlin' Jesus, near the Dinosaur Gardens.

Outside the magnificent Bay City Library.

Bay City, also known for its fabulous architecture.

Another drive-through on the bike, this time at an A & W.

It's Alison's turn to get attacked!

After Paul and Babe were banished from Minnesota they moved to Michigan, where the progressive citizens had no problem with a man and his blue ox.

So this is where all those concrete steps went to.

Gus and Dan toast with frosty mugs at A & W.

Tawas Point lighthouse.

Help! We're surrounded by RVs and can't get out. We were the ONLY tent campers in Tawas Point State Park that night.

Gus, finally home with his people.

A penguin memorial? There has got to be a story behind this one.

Alison talks with someone about the trip. Not a day goes by that someone doesn't ask us about what we are doing.

Stay away from the worms!

Sonia and Gus play in Lake Huron.

At the Dinosaur Gardens. This was an authentic tourist experience!

Need we say more?

Yes, the food of kings!

And another animal attack!

Anyone see the resemblance?


wombat064 said...

Keep the photo's coming guys . They are great and you look like you are having the time of your lives

Terri said...

I see the resemblance!

Love ya Gus!

Mrs. G.